Ladies and Gentlemen…

As the girl in the picture, (the yoga mat in title is beside me silently projecting its approval), it is my pleasure to welcome you to my blog, where I’ll be recording thoughts on my path, and sharing some of the photographs from the Camera. This blog has eventualised from a ridiculously long discussion phase, I now consider myself a “Dilbert-trained Project Manager”: I know how to put things off until no-one really knows why we planned the project in the first place…

Talking about planning, there are many special friends and family who prodded me on the journey here, and suggested things – most of which I ignored, I’m happy that we each have to follow our own path – but I wanted to record that I appreciate their efforts anyway!

Thanks to Gabby, my angel, and Brad, for many things like a warm dry attic, and supporting the creation of, where the camera in the title will get to strut her stuff – actually, that website’s not live as this goes to press, but as Gabby and I discussed, one thing at a time, and I wouldn’t want my procrastination muscle to go into spasms.

Thanks to GAK and the little prince, my other family in London, their ‘Guest room’ always seems to be available to me at only a moments notice, and who serve the best cheese and wine in London – with the best company! They kindly insisted for the last 4 or 5 years that 30 000 images of India and Europe must be valuable and someone wants to see them! Well, now its 50 000 photos – and Gus, I still need to back them up!

Beautiful Hands bring the Divineand offering of Ashram flowers for the TempleThanks to my folks, who are unremittingly, endlessly, generously fascinated by my wanderings and warblings thereon – as parents should be – but I know most are not. This blog is for them to share in my journey more regularly – So if my family back home can kindly connect them to the WWW without changing too many settings on the PC in the office. (Make sure Mom doesn’t lose access to her Windows Solitaire game, in which case I may as well never go home again.)

Thanks to Swami Govindananda-ji, a very special Swami in our Sivananda organization, and a much-loved all-round Wonderrrfull human Being.
He finally got online with his own blog recently,
in spite of deep misgivings about what to say, technology, privacy, etc., etc., and I am deeply inspired by his courage to share.

Thanks to my well-adjusted, gorgeous, interesting and funny (not sure whether that’s Funny Ha Ha or Funny Peculiar…?) family whose presence in my life is a blessing most other people spend lives searching for. Because of all of you, I tell everyone I had a happy childhood – which is not quite finished yet, Thank you!

Thanks to Lauren, my Facebook friend ;-)) whose generosity in sharing her beach-house and Apple Mac (on which this is being typed) created the space for this blog to be born – and enable me to take a walk on the beach at sunset, teach and practice yoga every day, read all her books and some of my own, eat veggie (Blue Planet – Jai!!) when I’m not drinking chai, and generally chill out as one does in Goa!

Thanks to the two K’s, my darling blonde and brunette freundins, whose unfailing faith in me and immensely practical advice comes through the ether, email and phone, as voices in my ear, sounding like the little Shoulder Angel – common-sensical words (KZa): “don’t like the look of that One no matter how gorgeous or spiritual he is!” (and she was right) or Kb’s instruction “Don’t let them take advantage of you darling – you’re worth your weight in Gold – well, my weight actually, its more!” [You’re lovely both of u!]

So many other faces come to mind as I sit in the starlit evening breeze on my little porch, thinking how divine the process has been – how so many wonderful people became part of my life during my travels, in India, Portugal, the UK, in SA, and in the online world of email.

Thank you all for just Being here, Being you, part of my life, on the Path with me and in the World making things happen, Being difficult or loving – I love it all. This starts to sound like a Christmas card poem, but I would not be in this chair, relaxed and happy, if it weren’t for all of you. The lessons you’ve taught have given me courage and curiosity to move on, patience with the world and with myself, and the strength to accept reality but to still hope for a better world, someone else said it better:

“Many of us spend half our time wishing for things we could have if we
didn’t spend half our time wishing” – A Woollcott

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