• Sanskrit Chants used during Yoga class For the words (in sanskrit and with transliteration, so you can try sing them), plus a translation into english so you can understand the concepts and intention see link to this page on my blog.
  • Sun Salutation Instructions – online – Can’t recommend this site enough – for a Brilliant demonstration of the Surya Namaskar, using animation, please check this wonderful website!!!


  •   To stay on organic farms and pay your way with Karma Yoga, register with the Woofers – (Worldwide Workers on Organic Farms) – they provide a contact mechanism to put those who can work and travel, in contact with those who are trying to make eco-friendly farms work, with usually too little money and not enough hands.  Its great work if you have a month or more to take out of your normal world, and you meet some AMAZING people.


  • Verdenergia Pacifica : a Permaculture farm which is also creating a massive forest reserve on previously over-pastured land, exchanging some work for accomodation (there is a charge for food per day) and meeting a fantastic group of people, so come visit my Other home – in Costa Rica – VerdEnergia near Lanas (South West of S  I hope to be teaching Permaculture and leading or hosting retreats there from 2015.

 Josh’s Blog

  • Kriya Yoga is taught by my favourite American Swami, Swamiji Bodhichidanandaji – he has an ashram where dedcated students can visit for training, in the Himalayas near Rishikesh, and teaches in Europe every year.  Find Swamiji on Facebook for a great introduction to his thinking :


  • To learn about Yoga Therapy training with the Yoga Campus in London, see their website here.  This training replaces that provided by the Biomedical Trust in London. Alternatively, there are Masters degrees in Yoga Therapy in Bangalore and Varanasi Universities.  To understand a little about the quality/philosophy of the Yoga Therapy training, here is Marc Beuvain, a key member of the faculty, speaking on “What is Yoga”

  • Yoga Ananda health and Wellness yoga centre –  my most recent yoga studio project – Yoga Ananda centre in Reigate, Surrey, UK which is now being run by the lovely Leon Deith and Dhanashri -yoga, all kinds of lovely therapy and art gallery as well as a Yoga Teacher’s training with Dhanashri. Such an absolutely beautiful building with lots of light, lots of prana, please join for a class if you’re in the area, first class is free, or watch out for one of their many special programs or weekend meditation courses

    Favourite Students in Favourite Studio!!

  • International Website for Sivananda Yoga Centre’s Worldwide My yoga home – having studied in the Sivananda Ashrams in India, and started at the Yoga Centre in Putney, London. I highly recommend this style of yoga, whether you are close to a Centre (find Sivananda Yoga studios, International SYVC ashrams or Centres near you on their website) or ask if local teachers can show you this style, is great for beginners and intermediates equally – and it can provide you with a memorable structure for a practise to repeat at home.

– Youtube Videos of Sivananda Classes


  • Eileen Caddy’s Wisdom and Inspiration – I’m a huge fan of sustainable, spiritual community building – its what I plan to do with the rest of my life!! Eileen Caddy is one of the founders of Findhorn, an incredible community in the North of Scotland that has deeply inspired me.  She was blessed with very regular messages from Spirit, which she shared in a number of books, one of the best is her “Daily Readings” which you can get from Findhorn press.  You can read today’s message here, or you can subscribe to get a weekly message which I find very inspirational, and always Incredibly Appropriate – eerily so!


  • For dates of the Hindu Fasting days in 2009, and an explanation of Ekadashi (fasting), see this Hindu website



2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Wendy,

    This blog is awesome!

    What is your email address? – we live in the Alps in Switzerland & I might be visiting Lisbon for work at some stage next year…

    Andrew (Wits-explorer) Cheadle

    ps I started yoga last month 🙂

  2. So Ms. Veena will create one for me????!!! hopes and dreams….. he..he

    Have not read everything but happy that you are doing good with the same spirit.

    many beautiful things in the Ashram miss you and your ‘hello I am Veena!’

    Take good careof you.. Veena…
    You are in my thoughts and prayers…

    Know that, ” ….No seed ever gets to see the Flower….”

    I am happy that I have seen you as a seed for the many flowerings of today here.


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