Week 4 – now for some Spanish

Just completed the Permaculture certificate course with Douwe Wielstra at Verdenergia in Lanas, near San Jose, yesterday evening.

  Such great people on the course, Lauren with all her plant knowledge and Amanda with her incredible design skills and strong grap of all the principles of how to make a farm Permacultured.  I’ve learned so much, and confirmed very solidly some of the wonderful things i learned in findhorn, and with frank and anna-kari e at moinhos in portugal, and swamiji and ram at Mandala Ashram in Wales.

I’ve really been blessed to find all these amazing places and meet all myincredible friendsand teachers, Verdenergia is oneof the most amazing places, with lots of interesting things going on.

Am seriously looking at becoming a formal member of their tribe, will be returning before  I leave Costa Rica.

Travelled to Alajuela, near the airport in San Jose, along with half the people staying at the farm this morning (4am start…. 13 sardines in Chico Mora’s bus, Lauren is going to support a group doing a festival, Amanda is travelling with some of the Verde volunteers and tribe members, and I am attending a couple weeks of Spanish Language training.

We made an extremely brief visit to the Finca las Arcos, an organic herb farm in the area,
and then saw Ari Lapa, a great b&b where the plants we bought at the Finca for Verdenergia, are visiting, until transport can be arranged home to the farm. Use of taxis and hiring cars is much more carefully thought through than in London, all trips are coordinated to cover as many needs as possible.

Am staying at the same hotel as my first night in Cr again, Hotel Robledal, which seems much more expensive now that I’ve been staying in the rural areas – but they don’t remember me here, stuck me in one of those tacked-on single rooms where the couple next doors aircon and shower noise are definitely going to drive me nuts, so rather than hang out and explore locally for the rest of the week (butterfly farm, volcano etc.) I’m probably taking off to Porto Viejo tomorrow, start my beginner’s Spanish class a few days early.

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