A chilled warm Christmas ?

Christmas was so special this year.

I drove to a town in the North of Portugal, called Paredes Da Coura – my portuguese “family” (that’s my sister’s husband’s family, to be factually correct, but they’re becoming my extended family here too!) invited me to spend the holiday with them.

“I&J” live in an amazing architect designed “eco” house on a hillside overlooking a green fertile valley. They have ducks, and a large vegetable garden, and so much water that a stone channel full of water runs through their garden all year.

The house is full of treasures, “I” spent her childhood in Mocambique and has inherited a lot of her parents treasures from there. Both she and her sister are amazing chefs, so I was totally spoiled, with a lot of amazing organic vegetarian food.

Being able to relax and enjoy the fire, and the heating, and the warm shower and bedroom, with my little damp electricity-less cottage waiting for me, was a real Happy Christmas for me!

Christmas day brought a walk in the valley to the local stream, with the main dog (well, he thinks he is) Alves. What a character.



Alves strutting his stuff

Family and friends sent wishes and love and connected with me through the internet, such an amazing tool when you live on the move as much as I do.

I had to laugh at the message from my dear brother who hopes its a good year for me, and that with all my green intentions here in POrtugal, that I’ll save the world – by recycling or something…. well, you never know.


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