Walking up the volcano

Took an extreme hike through Cero Chatto crater…. 1800m up – then down into the crater, back up to the edge, and down again. Ain’t never seen paths like this before.

And absolutely loved that swim in pea green cold water, and back up and out the other side. 12 kms, 7 hours.  and most of then travelling either vertically up or down.  Apparently  some totally insane people do it in the rain… we were covered in mud even though it was “dry”  today.

Anyway, not something to take on lightly? But the highlight is the  bathe after. In the hot river Arenal, near Tabacon, they drop you at a part of the river with a small weir under a bridge followed by a dam…. sounds arbitrary but you can easily get down under the bridge, then slide into the pool formed by the dam, and sit in 38degree water near the massaging effect of the weir.

For an hour.

The guides sit and smoke under the bridge and occasionally bring gin and tonic. This is after dark so they stick candles to the rocks so you have a pretty albeit vague picture of the place, and tonight we had moonlight. The crowd was pretty cool. At one stage there were about 40 people in a swimming pool sized area.
Definitely worth trying… and only 6 of the 40 did our big hike… so you don’t need to kill yourself on the 7 hour walk to get on the hot springs bonus..

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