Spirals within Spirals

Since my last blog post there’s been so much movement among the #occupy or the 99% movement as they sometimes call themselves

– I like to think of the protesters graphically as hordes of Alan Moores masked V figures from the movie V for Vendetta ( a great movie, although I believe the original graphic novel is loads better!!).

The Occupy Mask

Time will tell what comes of it all – I feel like we are living through a renaissance – none of us will be able to see it clearly for what it is – in centuries to come, our children’s children will tell tales of the bits they remember of videos and books they have access to – but no-one person will really know where all the change that is coming, came from originally – although many will claim ownership!!

I am pretty sure the #occupy movement will be remembered as one of the drivers.  It doesn’t need to achieve any one particular thing.  If its got you to read a little about ethics and greed and what democracy, sharing and equal rights – or just “rights” actually means, if you’re doing a little reading as to where money comes from, or trying to find out a little more about how our economies actually work (well, how they don’t actually currently work is more accurate) – and what might be affecting them, then #occupy, by my reading of their manifesto and meeting some of the team, is doing what they intended.

Think.  After all, its what makes you human.  Don’t waste those 3.5 million years of evolution to sit back and be a vegetable when you can be so much more. No, its not that comfortable to take responsibility for your choices, your vote, your acceptance of the tripe fed us daily in the media.  But that’s what being a real grown-up means.  Not living in cloud cuckoo land, or a fairy tale world where your employer or spouse carries all the responsibility.  Because that’s not going to last very well in the new structures that are coming down the line… we’re all going to have to carry some of the pain of breaking up this stranglehold of vested interests, that no longer serve the “common man” – you or me.

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