I am fascinated by the #OccupyWallStreet process that is going on – its just expanding and flourishing.

I found an offical looking blog that hosts the #OccupyWallStreet New York Manifesto
– whether its the official one or not, the manifesto is good, and what’s even better is there is a LOT of sensible commentary.

I wanted to ask them to allow reposting/Like/sharing options, but got distracted suggesting how people can take the process to heart and move the Change forward. This is my post in that blog:

This is great !!
– People seem frustrated by the discussion being open and not answered “officially” (hey – besides the originators of the #occupywallstreet group, who’s going to take on a role as an “official” ? Its about all of us people – you are the 99% and you are also the ONE. Make it happen, make your own choices, make a noise locally, change your life, change your families life, change your local politicians (completely – or at least their views!!) – make a difference in your own community. The big issue here is all of us have stopped voting as nothing seems to change, and we wait for someone “Official” to do the right thing.

WE ARE THE “DEMOCRACY” we keep asking for.
WE ARE THE 99% who want change.


Its not an easy viewpoint to hold, but think about it. If you don’t want that guy to run that corporation that way, why aren’t you telling him so? Why aren’t you offering your ideas, and your assistance?

I believe the current process for this “99% movement ” is about talking through ideas, lets all put our concepts and suggestions out there – on every blog and youtube speech and comment area you can find. Sell your ideas if you believe in them. Don’t wait for someone on this forum to tick your gold star box and tell you “Good Girl – you got it Right” — I don’t think there’s an easy “Right”

We have got to keep talking and as media starts to pay attention and corporates start to feel the anger and frustration – by you NOT buying things, and telling them you’re not happy – there’s going to be some clear and obvious choices of what actions to move on next. This is not going to stop. We have a world view to overturn – an economic structure and vast corporate network that encompasses everything we know, it all has to be untied and re-structured – that will take time, and needs gentle coaxing. We’re not at war, there’s urgency, but we have time. Let’s do it right. Get all these Brilliant ideas out there, and I have to say some of you are so eloquent and focussed it brings tears to my eyes – why aren’t you guys standing for government?

oh yeah – right – we can’t be in the government, we don’t agree with the corporates…. ok, so where are you all going to stand to make a REAL difference and implement some of your FANTASTIC ideas then?

The occupation of Wall Street has focussed a LOT of attention within the average man on the street who’s heard about it – both tax-paying working ones, AND non-working-would-be-earning ones; its bringing out everyone’s creative energy. That’s the benefit of keeping it a non-violent protest – let’s stay focussed on the change, and not get distracted by violence and arrests and pain. No one needs to suffer to keep this going – everyone is coming up with absolutely FANTASTIC ideas of how things can change.

And so much is wrong, it can’t all be resolved with a sweep of one person’s hand – we don’t need another dictator, benign and wise or otherwise. We need to each take responsibility and make our voice heard locally. I’m in London, and our political and economic issues are different and complex in their own way, to what you’re facing in the States.
But Anti-greed ethics (we have a surfeit of fat bankers and stock-brokers here!!) and “99% for the 99%” concept apply here as much as anywhere else in the world.

I’d love to see an option to post particular comments on this page, and on other sites which are documenting and holding ideas for #OccupyWallstreet (there are now 1000’s of associated sites which have started, or since linked themselves – amazing!!!) so I can share the ideas I subscribe to, with friends and my contact group – on FAcebook, Twitter and other social media.

That’s how the GREAT ideas’ will be pushed forward and come into construction – lets vote with our “Like” buttons.

So my question – can owners of blogs and #occupy and #99% websites look at implementing sharing options ?

– most blogging software has it as an option that just needs to be turned on?

Thanks everyone – let’s go change the world we live in. Why not?

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