Politics and how the Spiral Shifts

Fascinating to see an article in the Guardian quoting the Russian president telling Syrian leader Basha Al-Assad, to reform, or leave office.  As a long time supporter and known ally of Syria’s leader, this will be strong medicine and possibly the straw to break the camel’s back  — when a person under strain feels the loss of a great support, it’s often the last pin in an unraveling mindset that then allows complete freedom to change.

I reflect on the power that Nelson Mandela brought to his role as president in South Africa from his own personal and successful journey through change.  It seems Mandela’s embrace of Tier 2 change – from one paradigm to another, created a huge energetic influence on other great thinkers and dogmatic politicians in South Africa – nothing short of miraculous in a country on the verge of civil war.


Perhaps its possible that Al-Assad changes, is able to leap off the bridge and ask his country-men what it is they want, and work together towards a new, different future.  Of course if that sounds a little fairy-tale ending-like, then remember the Arabic world appears to have been  stuck in their dogmatic and dictatorial forms of government forever (or at least for a century!).

Any change is a good thing. And a change of mindset in a powerful politician who already knows the country and has access to power and key figures, could be the change we all want.

Here’s hoping the Syrian leader can see the option as a very real and possible step for him to take personally, and then invite the country along too!

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