Faith and Certainty

I pray, that in my lifetime I will reach a point of acceptance and courage – where I just go ahead and do “the next thing”
– and stop worrying that I am in the wrong place and should be doing something else
– because where I am at that moment seems difficult.

Because slowly slowly it becomes clear to me that we are always in the perfect place.
For what I need to learn and where I am going in this Life, I am always in the perfect place. 

Of course, sometimes I don’t want to learn the lesson that is being placed in front of me as my lesson.
I resist or reject.  But then what I have seen happen, is the same lesson comes straight at me again, like I’ve opened a different page of the exercise book – only this time, the exercise is a lot harder because I didn’t learn on the first easier one!!
Difficult situations arise weirdly, incredibly similar to others which I’ve previously managed somehow to escape from but when I recognise that it’s the same pain – or the same fear – as a previous situation, I also realise that this time, its more specific, and I can see that the Universe is on-target – unfolding within me and outside in the situation and the hologram or pattern or scope (At least for my little life) is getting clearer.

Perhaps I am told what I need to learn in another way but its from a closer friend or a more angry “enemy”, and somehow when I next see this same pattern it becomes harder to escape the moment.

This happened about looking for work in London – I reached a complete moment of despair – no work available, that I’d returned to London at the wrong time and with unrealistic hopes.  Then I met some incredibly special people – and its all turning out perfectly, I’ll be teaching lots of yoga, working with wonderful kind and generous souls who want to live similar lives to me, and running a holistic health and yoga place – in London – which is what all my experience and dreaming has led me to – a perfect match.

Funny how its always a perfect match – I just get frustrated that  I can’t intuitively realise the perfection of each step I’ve taken – I always resist and think it’s going wrong somehow because I’m unhappy or scared – but when I am have totally given up driving for any outcome at all is often when the perfect solution forms in front of me without any effort on my part.  Special results – ones that I couldn’t really have dreamed of nicer.  And so often.



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