Uncertainty and Faith

Why am I here?
Why are you all here?
What are we supposed to be doing, because what I see us actually doing does not make much sense
– destroying the planet, and being dreadfully unkind to each other,
and not taking very good care of the other beings who silently but uncomfortably share the planet with us.

These questions arise often for me, at the moment

– it’s a rough ride out there, with everything changing so fast its hard to keep up – the economy, the climate, the planet.
Its also hard to know what one can do
– I want to work towards a different outcome, but there is not an easy route clearly signposted to get off the “rat-race” plastic conveyor belt and onto the “eco-friendly” earth pathway which would lead to a green, cool, happy planetary future.

Even though I am not very comfortable with the road we have chosen, we’re now all going along together – whether I want to be part of an oil-based globalised consumerist american-centred military-enforced male-dominant computer -generated  techno-vilisation (we’re not very civil at all so I can’t bring myself to call us a “civilisation” anymore) or not!

Read something in a local magazine about Transition towns – seems like a useable idea – we’re at the point of “peak-oil” – the cheap oil period, it’s going to start getting more expensive as we run out and alternatives will have to be found – so communities are working towards cushioning their families and lifestyles from the rampant changes we will experience during the “transition” period between peak-oil usage, and some alternative – unknown as yet.

Findhorn Foundation Scotland - member (all sentient beings welcome!)

Findhorn Foundation Scotland - member (all sentient beings welcome!)

They are working towards sustainable local community changes like growing vegetables in the unused space in your front garden or on your balcony… (this organisation is based in Wandsworth, my home suburb, but there are many similar groups starting up elsewhere, and in Canada and the US!). So maybe I’m going to work on chatting up my neighbours, and making some compost in the corner instead of throwing all those good bits away – this week.

Next week, I’ll find a way to deal with something larger – like the oil-based economy and how its downturn will affect us all. 

I’m putting the problem to my subconscious, and as promised in numerous self-help books, the answer should miraculously appear one morning.  I’ll let you know!


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