Dedication to a Beloved Friend

Dear Heart, how do I feel about you?

 You are the Undreamer I thought only existed within the clouds 
-with the ability to touch against the Sun and yet returning your beauty to earth  for all to see 
Like Gaia or Maya you are sometimes a storm other times a healing rain 
You are light and joy, pain and wisdom 

You’ve taught me to be shakti in the day – to open my heart to sunset and endings 
But somehow, without discussing it, you’ve taught me to surrender 
at night when, although physically you’re not there, you appear in other forms filling my dreams 
You are the God I see in children’s eyes 
and Your gift is the Mirror of your Innocence 
–  sometimes I have seen there, visions of my true Self, reflected back.

Your other gift was to recognise the Joy that lifts me to walk so lightly on the Earth that I feel like golden sunrise 

You gave them both to me and I can never lose these two gifts
so in some ways you have given me Life.

You feel familiar  to some deep emotional response in me, 
its been like this before.

Mostly Love for You is my meditation, 
a lesson, 
sometimes a game even 
–  sometimes Love envelops me with Divine joy 
and often it overpowers me with physical need and yearning. 
– although I am deeply interested in what you decide to do with your life in the future 
– and  my silly egotistical mind has lots of ideas – 
–  my soul, my inner Being,  will remain content and at peace no matter what you decide

– so you are Free.
To do sums, or draw, or write on the pages I have given you
Or to tear them or write nonesense….

So I hope its clear to you that I’m still playing the original game 
which we agreed before (was it the last life – or the one before?)
 (still not sure 100% of the rules but I like uncertainty…) 

 and I am happy to continue doing so

(I recall that the Agreement was to swim with you across this Ocean of Life
to look for Self Realisation, while we learn to be Friends.
Do you remember now?)

[From a history book…]
This was a dedication to a very special friend written some time ago
I heard that he recently drowned in the Ocean of Maya/Life/Yang
– must have been swimming without his trusty waterwings of viveka and vairagya…


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