Why travel?

Postcard from the AshramTravelling always makes me feel stressed and alone, but I go, leaving my safe havens, each time with great faith that it will be good for me.  I’ve realised that travelling is the Life process I need to experience, to get the lessons and spiritual growth I need. 

Other people might do well sitting still in an ashram or a cave, meditating, or working in a hospital or orphanage, but experiencing new people in different cultural and social situations, making so many new friends, discovering them and their life experiences, is what makes me come truly alive.

 I saw this so clearly yesterday, sitting in such a pleasant space, I just had to count my blessings – again!  If I spot the moments when I have been happy, and give thanks for them, they’ll happen more often, so I was reviewing the last few months which have been blissful!!!

Analysing where I am today, this week, this year I find the journey is comprised of so many micro-journeys in so many physical places with so many emotions, people, situations, its incalcuable – it would not be possible to create my current situation as a project, with planning.  This Life had to be discovered by a slow process of experience, as is everyone’s, the good, the bad and the ugly all come together – and now for me, this has created something pretty solid, its all blossoming, so many things seem to be coming to fruition, but even if they don’t the experience of being here, who and what I am right now, is wonderful.

Optimism – its a practise I try to follow, there are usually a lot more blessings than causes of suffering in my life, when I look at each situation clearly and in the sunlight.  Here I am in Portugal, with many lovely interesting and kind friends, staying in what I think is an incredibly beautiful old building, home to some very special, interesting people and host to some fascinating events. 

I’m staying here – its incredibly beautiful!!!


(many of the photographs on the site in 2008/9 were taken by me!)
I get to do whatever I like, in limits but because I am there voluntarily, offering my time and energy in exchange for learning what they do , I can take up any projects, as long as help is needed.  I cleaned, made gardens, potted plants, cooked, met interesting people, its like being a house-wife to a huge family of guests. 

Studying books was always my preferred method of learning, but for me that is a lazy way which leads to procrastination instead of actually doing. I am a person who must get out and do!! Talk to people, try things, and learn by falling over – like having my new flower bed washed away last week by unexpected monsoon like rains, beacause I hadn’t observed the slope properly or prepared a waterway around it…. it won’t happen again, but had to be experienced once.

My practise at the moment is all about making myself just “Do the Next Thing” – whatever that seems to be, based on my own intuition, or the general guidance I get from all the good and not so good people around me.  Movement is growth, it doesn’t really matter where we move, just that we keep growing. Not waiting too long, not making too many lists, not trying to find ways of ignoring what sounds like a clear call for action, as I have done many times before.   Do It Now, its a continuous fight against my innate procrastination muscles, which are well-developed, but the practise seems to be working. 

Things are really happening. Could be faster, but I’ve not perfected the technique yet!!


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